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Welcome to Tony’s Banquet Centre

Congratulations and thank you for the pleasure of allowing
Tony’s Banquet Centre to host this special event for you.

From small intimate gatherings to the most lavish receptions,
Tony’s Banquet Centre will give the careful attention to
detail your special day deserves. The finest quality menus
and service has long been a tradition, providing you with a
day to remember.

Welcome to Tony’s Banquet Centre

Looking for a great restaurant isn’t so hard anymore since here at Tony’s Banquet Centre, we have everything you need. We are proud that we have great dishes that reflect our life service here. 

You don’t have to worry about the freshness of every cuisine that we have here since all of our ingredients are sourced from local and guaranteed quality. You can visit us with your family and friends because this place is for everyone. 

We are sure that you’ll definitely come back for more after tasting our delicious dishes and you’ll definitely bring a friend with you to give them a taste of our great cooking. We’ll gladly serve you and your friend’s high-quality cuisine that you’ll love.

Available menu

If you’re a heavy eater or want to celebrate something special, then we have a buffet for you to try. We also have a great selection of appetizers and main courses that you can try anytime you like. 

Do you have a specific dietary requirement or allergies? You don’t have to worry about that since we got you covered. You can tell our staff your request and we’ll gladly make it for you. 

We only have dine-in options here at our restaurant. If you want to learn more about the food we serve here, go to our menu and read our comprehensive menu. 

Let us help you plan your party

If you’re planning to hold a private party for yourself or someone you love, then you should consider holding it in our place since we have event rooms perfect for that special occasion.

We guarantee that they’re all comfortable and spacious to give you and your guests a great time while dining with us. Our restaurant has a great party planner and great food ready for your event. 

You don’t also have to worry about the parking space here since we have a lot of space for our guests to lessen their burden. 

You can learn more about our event room on a specific page available here on our website. 

Operating hours

You can visit us here all week since we are open from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We are closed during public holidays. 

*You may contact us to know more about the schedule if you’re planning to book an event place during a public holiday. 

Come and visit us

If you would like to taste great food while enjoying a great ambiance, then you should visit us here at Tony’s Banquet Centre. We are located at 2520 Trafalgar Street, London, Ontario, N6M 1G9. 

To know more about the other information we have at our restaurant, you may browse through our website. Our lines are also open to any suggestions that you might have to improve our service here at Tony’s Banquet Center.